Types of Recruitment We Offer

We offer our Clients three different methods of Recruitment; temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent. Each of these works slightly differently in terms of the way that they are charged to you. Find out more about these different methods below…


Temporary workers may be booked on a week-by-week basis and fees for this service are based on the Temporary Worker’s hourly salary plus any employment costs and are charged weekly in arrears to you.

Temp to Perm

This model is used by companies who want to take on a permanent member of staff, but want to ensure that the Candidate is the perfect fit for their company before entering into a permanent employment relationship with them.

The recruitment process and fees work in the same way as the Temporary Recruitment model and you can arrange with your Consultant how and when you want to take on the Temporary Worker permanently.


Fees are charged as a percentage of the Candidate’s first year’s annual salary. This will be negotiated between you and your Consultant, and will only be paid once the successful Candidate has started working with you.

We have a team of hard-working, committed and loyal recruiters who understand the importance of finding the right candidates for the right vacancies. This is why the Infinity Resourcing Group Ltd are on their way to becoming the North West's number one recruitment partner of choice.

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